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Complaints! Postcard Box Set

Price: $35.00

Hang them on your walls, pin them to your bulletin boards, display them on your refrigerators, complain about them to your friends, mail them, keep them in this box. The seventy-two postcards here reproduce the posters from the exhibition Complaints! An Inalienable Right, organized by The Wolfsonian–FIU and curated by Steven Heller in conjunction with the ideas festival Power of Design 2014: Complaints.

Why create art about complaints? Because complaints can get us from here to there, dissatisfaction to action, action to innovation. And because life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness may just depend on complaints.

These designs were created by acclaimed contemporary artists and designers who generously responded to The Wolfsonian’s invitation to create graphic works related to the theme of complaint. What do you complain about? And what might you do about it? Why not start with buying these postcards?