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Khangas: The Egg Never Sits Collection

Price: $85.00

Khangas are a multipurpose cloth traditional in east/central Africa, and for good reason. A great woman once said there are a hundred and one ways to use a khanga, but that includes things like using the cloth to shoo away animals or to swat at flies. Since that’s not what you do each day, that leaves ninety-nine ways to use a khanga. Here are some ideas, to get you started: a sarong; a shawl; a picnic blanket; a beach towel; a wall hanging; a chair throw; a shopping bag (roll about five inches of cloth’s left side fairly tightly, then tie the roll’s two ends together to make one handle, repeat on right side); a skirt; a comfy moo-moo-like dress; a tablecloth; a car seat cover in summer...but the most important reason for you to use these cloths is because of the messages on them, which help you be heard--they'll make people stop, listen, and whistle. The khangas are produced by the innovative design company Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody, founded by South African expats and professional artists Heidi Chisholm and Sharon Lombard. The company’s playful, edgy, nostalgic brand of designed objects is inspired by Africa as well as the United States. Here is what they say about their Egg Never Sits Collection of khangas: "An egg never sits on a hen."
Designer: Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody
Material: 100 percent cotton
Size: 42" x 64"

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