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Antonio G. Santagata: Rendering War (Rappresentare la guerra)

Price: $19.95

By Silvia Barisione, Matteo Fochessati, and Gianni Franzone

Wolfsonian curator Silvia Barisione and Wolfsoniana curators Matteo Fochessati and Gianni Franzone authored the three essays in this heavily illustrated volume, which includes text in both English and Italian. Antonio G. Santagata, a prominent figure in the Italian Novecento art movement, was known for his mural painting. This publication focuses on his work for buildings of the Association for Disabled and Invalid War Veterans (Case del Mutilato), which were inspired by his experiences during the First World War. The most outstanding expression of this body of work were the pictorial cycles he created for the Casa Madre dei Mutilati di Guerra on the banks of the Tiber River in Rome, the national headquarters designed by architect Marcello Piacentini. Santagata’s work was in keeping with public art of the time that reflected the aesthetic outlook of the Italian state by endeavoring to restore national pride and unity after the war. His work is also a focal point for discussing the ongoing debate on the relationship between visual culture and new architecture.


The volume includes three essays: “Santagata and Mural Painting” by Fochessati; The Construction of the Case del Mutilato,” by Barisione; and “Santagata’s Painting at the Great Exhibitions of the Interwar Period” by Franzone.

Publisher: Sagep Editori, 2014
Softcover: 96 pages, 9" x 5.75"
ISBN: 978-8863732719