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Braun Men's Analog Watch

Price: $160.00

A legendary icon for the wrist by prolific industrial designer Dieter Rams, the Braun Wristwatch BN2BKBKG is a striking combination of functionalism and good design which adheres the to the Rams' famous "10 Principles of Good Design." Dietrich Lubs, co-designer with Dieter Rams, credits their independent and functionally-oriented design for the continued relevance of Braun timepieces, some thirty years after their initial introduction. The Braun Wristwatch BN2BKBKG is one of the legendary Braun timepieces loved by many long after original production stopped. With the approval of Lubs, the wristwatch has gone back into production. The reappearance of Braun's complete wristwatch is a testament to the genius of the designers, and it hints at the numbers of loyal Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs fans around the world.

Designer: Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs
Dimentions: 1.5 inches 3.7 cm
Material: Mineral crystal, leather band