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Bell Candle Holder with Candle

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Each year Thomas Eyck works with one carefully chosen designer on a series of objects which is then produced by the finest craftsmen. This candle holder, produced in a limited edition of 150, is part of a series of five pewter objects that Studio Job designed for Thomas Eyck in a style the company characterizes as "contemporary-archaic" and in keeping with the traditional technique of casting pewter. The objects were produced in The Netherlands’ oldest pewter factory--a block of pewter is melted in the factory and cast by hand in metal moulds. Studio Job is known for working on the border of design and fine arts, making furniture and objects out of papier-mâché, aluminium, and bronze. A few fun pewter facts: Pewter originates from Indonesia, is a durable material, and was used in the Middle Ages for the fabrication of tableware. Perhaps best of all, it doesn't rust and yes, you can use it on a daily basis.

Designer: Studio Job for Thomas Eyck
Material: Pewter
Size: 5.5" x 9.5 12"