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Car Flywheel Zecar

Price: $12.99

The spring-less Zécar is a longtime shop favorite. It comes in several bright colors, and in terms of the way it moves, it's got the slow-and-steady vibe going. You start it by dragging the wheels on a surface to get them spinning, and then it goes and goes. It has lots of torque, can overcome small obstacles (don't we wish we could, too?), and has some tricks--you can slide it upside-down on its flywheel and two free spinning wheels. The Zécar is not only entertaining, but environmentally responsible. All proceeds from the royalties go to reforestation projects in Rio de Janeiro to help restore part of the Atlantic Tropical Rainforest, the most critically damanged in Brazil, with the richest variety of trees of anywhere in the world.

Designer: Chico Bicalho
Size: 2.31" x 2.38" x 3.56"

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