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Dish Doctor

Price: $96.00

You may not have an exciting dish drainer--yet--but that can change with a few clicks of your mouse. So go ahead, check out the playful, chic Dish Doctor. Worried that something this fun won't be functional? Oh, but it is. Made of sturdy, injection-molded polyethylene (translation: the same stuff as ordinary dishracks), the Dish Doctor is durable and oh-so-dependable. Designed by Marc Newson, who says, "I controlled every aspect of this project, even the packaging, and it was an instant hit. It used rapid prototyping technology to go virtually straight from the screen to tooling without any modifications." Your dishes will thank you.
Designer: Marc Newson
Material: Injection-molded polyethylene
Size: 15.35"w x 18"l x 4"h

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