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Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts #17 Yugoslavian Theme Issue (Fall 1990)

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Guest Editor: Zelimir Koscevic
Managing Editor: Cathy Leff
Consulting Editor: Migs Grove
The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, founded in 1986 and now published by The Wolfsonian-Florida International University, explores themes relating to The Wolfsonian collection and to the visual language of objects. It conveys to readers the power of design and shows how design shapes and reflects human values and experience.

Table of Contents, Issue 17/Yugoslavian Theme Issue

By Zelimir Koscevic

Zenit and Zenitism
By Irina Subotic

Joze Plecnik and Art Deco
By Peter Krecic

The 1925 Yugoslav Pavilion in Paris
By Zeljka Corak

SIovene Architecture from Secession
to Expressionism and Functionalism
By Stane Bernik

Ivan Mestrovic's Melancholic Art Deco
By Branka Stipancic

Constructivism and the SIovenian Model
By Vida Golubovic

Art Deco and National Tendencies in
Serbian Architecture
By Zoran Manevic

Freedom in the Hinterland of Comics
By Darko Glavan

Ars Combinatoria: The Architect Carl Seidl
By Berislav Valusek