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Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts #20 General Issue (1994)

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Edited by Pamela Johnson
Managing Editor: Cathy Leff

The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, founded in 1986 and now published by The Wolfsonian-Florida International University, explores themes relating to The Wolfsonian collection and to the visual language of objects. It conveys to readers the power of design and shows how design shapes and reflects human values and experience.

Table of Contents, Issue 20

Art Deco Architecture in South Africa
By Marilyn Martin

Big Business Beautility: The Old Mutual
Building, Cape Town, South Africa
By Federico Freschi

Philately and the Avant-Garde:
Dutch Postage Stamp Design, 1920 - 1950
By David Scott

Fjerdingstad: A Franco-Danish Silversmith
of the Twentieth Century
By David Allan

Myths of Style and Nationalism:
American Art Pottery
at the Turn of the Century
By Martin Eidelberg

Social Realism in American Art:
The Generation of 1876
By John Gladstone

The "Hebrew Style" of Bezalel, 1906 - 1929
By Nurit Shilo-Cohen

Böttcherstraße: The Corporatist Vision of
Ludwig Roselius and Bernhard Hoetger
By Susan Henderson

Italian Futurism and the Decorative Arts
By Irina D. Costache

Bizarre Bijoux: Surrealism in Jewelry
By Toni Greenbaum

Soetsu Yanagi and the Legacy
of the Unknown Craftsman
By Kyoko Utsumi Mimura

Western Culture in Vietnam
By Nguyen Quan

No Longer Islands:Dissemination of
Architectural Ideas in the Hispanic
Caribbean, 1890 - 1930
By Jorge Rigau

Beautiful, Romantic Hawaii:
How The Fantasy Image Came to Be
By DeSoto Brown