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Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts #22 Cuba Theme Issue (1996)

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Cuba Theme Issue
(Spanish-language supplement available)

Guest Editor: Narciso G. Menocal
Executive Editor: Cathy Leff
The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, founded in 1986 and now published by The Wolfsonian-Florida International University, explores themes relating to The Wolfsonian collection and to the visual language of objects. It conveys to readers the power of design and shows how design shapes and reflects human values and experience.

Table of Contents, Issue 22

On Cuban Culture and the Contents of this Issue
By Narciso G. Menocal

Havana Between Two Centuries
By Carlos Venegas Fornias

The Cristóbal Colón Cemetery in Havana
By Lohania Aruca

Étienne-Sulpice Hallet and the Espada
Cemetery: A Note
By Narciso G. Menocal

The Architecture of American Sugar Mills:
The United Fruit Company
By Felipe J. Préstamo

Imaging Cuba Under the American Flag:
Charles Edward Doty in Havana, 1899 - 1902
By Miguel A. Bretos

The Years of Social
By María Luisa Lobo Montalvo and Zoila Lapique Becali

American Architects in Cuba: 1900 - 1930
By José A. Gelabert-Navia

The City as Landscape:
Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier
and the Great Urban Works of Havana,
1925 - 1930
By Jean-François Lejeune

An Overriding Passion - The Quest for a
National Identity in Painting
By Narciso G. Menocal

Estrada Palma 261
Still Life with Dream about Amelia Peláez
By Juan Antonio Molina
Introduction by Helen L. Kohen

Enrique Riverón on the Cuban Vanguardia:
An Interview
By Giulio V. Blanc

The Architectural Avant-Garde:
From Art Deco to Modern Regionalism
By Eduardo Luis Rodríguez

Cuba Connections:
Key West-Tampa-Miami, 1870 to 1945
By Paula Harper