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Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts #25 The American Hotel (2005)

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Senior Editor: Leslie Sternlieb
Guest Editor: Molly W. Berger
The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, founded in 1986 and now published by The Wolfsonian-Florida International University, explores themes relating to The Wolfsonian collection and to the visual language of objects. It conveys to readers the power of design and shows how design shapes and reflects human values and experience.

How did luxury residential hotels like the Waldorf-Astoria significantly impact urban living conditions? Why was the Atlantic City Traymore Hotel’s use of design principles the first “branding” of its generation?  What affected culture and politics of commercial hospitality in America?  Who understood consumers’ attraction to glamorous theatrically of buildings? Find out these interesting tidbits and more in the 25th issue of The Wolfsonian-Florida International University’s award-winning Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, which explores the material, social, and cultural world of the large American hotel and tells the story of how they evolved into some of the world’s most significant and interesting buildings. 

Table of Contents, Issue 25/The American Hotel Theme Issue

Millionaires’ Elysiums: The Luxury Apartment Hotels of Schultze and Weaver
By Andrew S. Dolkart
The Rich Man’s City: Hotels and Mansions of Gilded Age New York
By Molly W. Berger
Early Twentieth-Century Hotel Architects and the Origins of Standardization
By Lisa Pfueller Davidson
The New South in the Ancient City: Flagler’s St. Augustine Hotels and Sectional Reconciliation
By Reiko Hillyer
Revisiting Hotels and Other Lodgings: American Tourist Spaces through the Lens of Black Pleasure-Travelers, 1880-1950
By Myra B. Young Armstead
Princes and Maids of the City Hotel: The Cultural Politics of Commercial Hospitality in America
By A. K. Sandoval-Strausz and Daniel Levinson Wilk
William Price’s Traymore Hotel: Modernity in the Mass Resort
By George E. Thomas and Susan Nigra Snyder
Merchandising Miami Beach: Morris Lapidus and the Architecture of Abundance
By Alice T. Friedman
Living Large: The Brash, Bodacious Hotels of Dorothy Draper
By Mitchell Owens