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Plump Stacker

Price: $29.00

This playful stacking toy combines six rubber wood pieces and eight felt accessories that can layer in various configurations between the wood pieces to become arms, legs, clothing, and even a superhero's cape. Give that special toddler in your life the gift of having free reign to assemble and deconstruct new playmates at will. Not only will the Plump - Stacker satisfy the Dr. Frankenstein in every eighteen-month-old, but it's educational -- the stacking features fine-tune hand-eye coordination, strengthen manual dexterity, teach children about size and proportion, and let's not forget that creating new variations out of the same materials stimulates creative thinking. What more could you ask for?  
Ages: Eighteen months and older
Materials: Rubberwood and felt
Size: 4" d x 5" h
Weight: 1.5 lb