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Souvenirs: the many worlds of Micky Wolfson

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SOUVENIRS: the many worlds of Micky Wolfson is a documentary that chronicles Wolfson's rise as the son of a socially and politically prominent Miami family, his staking of his own territory, and his subsequent evolution into a world-class collector of decorative arts and propaganda. The documentary follows Wolfson on his trips around the globe. Viewers experience the thrill of the hunt for objects and witness the making of two museums (The Wolfsonian-FIU and The Wolfsoniana) on two continents filled with his provocative prey. This is a portrait of a man with a mission, a man who cannot and will not stop. Some have called him a mad shopper, others a dreamer - but what emerges from the film is Wolfson, the visionary.

Producers: OVIDeo Inc. and WLRN Public Television, Miami, Florida
Director: Max Scott
Narrator: Faith Middleton of the Faith Middleton Show, WNPR, and
Length: 59 minutes
Year: 2008